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The city of Córdoba is located in the central region of the country, on both banks of the Suquía River, it is the second most populated city after Buenos Aires and the largest in the country. Córdoba is an important cultural, economic, educational, financial and entertainment center of the region.

Córdoba is an important cultural factory, host of university students from all over the country and the world. Its university is the first in Argentina and the fourth oldest in America founded in 1613 during Spanish times; It is considered one of the most important in the continent, since it has more than one hundred thousand students.

In addition, Córdoba has important historical, cultural and tourist spots to its credit, such as: La Cañada de Córdoba, the Arch of Córdoba, Sarmiento Park and the Córdoba Zoo.

Another remarkable place in this city is the Manzana Jesuítica, which consists of an urban block that contains the Domestic Chapel, the National School of Monserrat, the Church of the Society of Jesus and the old headquarters of the National University of Córdoba. In 2000, Unesco declared this block a World Heritage Site and in 2006 it was named American Capital of Culture.

Regarding the climate, this city is managed under a humid subtropical temperate sky with a dry winter, summers are humid, with hot days and mild nights; in spring winds blow with increasing force mainly from the north and northeast.

The economy of this town is based on the industrial sector, which is why Córdoba is recognized as an important national automotive center.

Some of the places you can visit in Córdoba are: Sarmiento Park, one of the oldest in South America, the Botanical Garden, a space destined to preserve regional biodiversity, General San Martín Natural Reserve, the only one in the city where native animal species are preserved in the wild. You can also visit the historic center formed by the San Martín Central Square, the Cathedral Church, the Historic Cabildo, part of the house that belonged to Bishop Mercadillo, all the land that surrounds the Jesuit Block and the Jesuit Crypt.

In addition, Córdoba is a city full of museums, in which you can learn and appreciate the various artistic, cultural and historical expressions of the area. We recommend the following: Emilio Caraffa Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, Juan de Tejeda Museum of Religious Art, Marqués de Sobremonte Provincial Historical Museum, Museum of Natural Sciences and Ibero-American Museum of Crafts. Córdoba's nightlife also allows visitors to visit various cinemas, theaters, bars and pubs.

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The Jesuit Block

With buildings that gave life to what is now known as the city of Córdoba and that date back to 1599. We are going to live the history of this city!

These beautiful architectural works were recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, The Jesuit Block is in Barrio Centro, one of the most beautiful in Córdoba.

Villa General Belgrano

A few kilometers from Córdoba is the small Germany of Argentina, here you will find the best German sausages with craft beer and chocolates, a tour for the eyes and the palate.

In Villa General Belgrano the streets and buildings seem taken from the town of Hansel and Gretel and from here you can go to La Cumbrecita, which is the only pedestrian town in Argentina. In addition, you will find waterfalls, trails, rivers and forests ... It is simply charming.

La Vieja Esquina

Hungry? Well, La Vieja Esquina is the restaurant that you must visit when you go to Córdoba.

In this small and cozy restaurant they sell traditional empanadas, locro and humita which are the typical soups of the region. Here you will find a feast of new and representative flavors of Argentine culture. 

Güemes neighborhood

Art, galleries, food and culture… in the Güemes neighborhood you will know the essence of Córdoba. Let's go!

This is the place with the most nightlife in the city, until late at night you will find bars, restaurants and shops. In its streets there are crafts, artistic proposals, dance and live music everywhere. The finishing touch for your trip to Córdoba!

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